Co-Curricular Activities


Bidding farewell to our outgoing class with a promise from them to keep in touch with us…
We wish all Students success and all parents happiness and a big Thank you for investing your precious jewels with us …




Some charismatic moments of Graduation Ceremony of class V held on December 20,2019 in the campus of Springdales Public School, Jagadhri. The worthy chief guest Mrs. Manisha Khanna(District Child Welfare Officer) glorified the occasion with her presence. The majesty of the function mesmerized the audience…




Handwriting reveals a lot about a person’s personality and good hand writing speaks volumes about him. To develop the art of calligraphy , Punjabi calligraphy competition was organised in the school for classes IV and V on 10 July 2019. All the children participated in the competition but some wrote such beautiful specimens of calligraphy that enthralled the judges.




A workshop on Class Room Management was organised in Springdales Public School Jagadhri on Tuesday 2 July 2019.
The resource person Ms. Leena Rai Kalra from Karnal emphasized on
i) Challanges faced by teachers in the class
ii) Importance of team work in school management
iii) Multidimensional assessment techniques for different categories of students in a class.
iv) Role of teachers personality on students in the class.



Computer workshop conducted by subject expert from KIPS INDIA was held on 27th May 2019. The workshop emphasized on use of IT in schools along with a practical session for teachers in MS Word for typing, editing and formatting of a document was explained.




Dr. Mrs. Jitender Chadha conducting a session on Health care with senior girl students of Spring Dales Public School Jagadhri on 24 May’2019.




When we try to translate the vitality of our energy into fluid moves, we dance. Every dance performance is unique as every dancer is a unique being throbbing with life.
On 22 May 2019, the young learners of Springdales Public School, Jagadhri danced their way into the hearts of the audience comprising of students and teachers. Zestful participation members of all the four section of Grade VI made the Intra Class Competition a success. The performances encompassed various styles of Indian Classical & Folk numbers.




Every single child is gifted and talented in a particular area. Every single one also has particular challenges. For some kids, the classroom setting is the place where their genius is hardest to see and their challenges are easiest to see. And since they spend so much time in the classroom, that’s a tough break for these little guys. But I know that if we patient and calm and we wear our perspectacles and we keep believing, we will eventually see the specific magic of each child.



“If i had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t” – Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

That’s what the whole day was like for all our kids of Springdales Public School during the fun trip on 18 May & 19 May 2019 to the King King water park at Kurukshetra. Students of classes Pre-Nur to XII accompanied by a team of teachers were at the peak of their excitement.
They enjoyed themselves throughout the day while they also relished the lip smacking food served to them.
The water was a relief from the scorching May heat. The trip wrapped up being fun, adventurous , thrilling and memorable.



Springdales Public School organized “MARATHON” on 10 April over 250 students from classes IX- XII took part in the event with great zeal and enthusiasm.
Vaibhav (X C) , Amritjot (X C) , Taranjot (X D) bagged the first, second and third position.
It was an eventful day!!!!




A good health provides us freedom from all the sickness & diseases. It is the feeling of mental, physical & social well being. To inculcate the concept of good health in the minds of the students & make them aware of the importance of nutritious diet & cleanliness to attain it, an array of activities were organized in the school on 8th April 2019, the World Health Day. The little ones of the junior wing (Classes I – V) brought green vegetables in their tiffin to be a part of this activity. The students of classes VI-VII expressed their thoughts through a Health Problem Solution Chart Making Competition.



We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.To inculcate this value among students, Springdales Public School organised a visit to Kusht Ashram, for the students of IX & X. Students enthusiastically distributed various items among the residents of Ashram and felt blessed.


Health is a state of complete physical, mental & social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. To inculate this concept in the minds of the students & make them aware of the importance of nutritious diet & cleaniness to attain it, an array of activities were organized in the school on 6th April 2017, the World Health Day. The little ones of the junior wing brought green vegetables in their tiffin to be a part of this activity. The students of classes VI-VIII expressed their thoughts through a Quotation Writing Competition. Some students of IX, X & XII gave PPT presentation to lay emphasis on the same idea.
It was really an eventful day!


“Reading is to mind as exercise is to body”
Springdales Public School, organized a mountaineering and trekking event to Lohgarh for students of Class IX,XI & XII.The students of Class XII went trekking upto the peak and enjoyed the serenity of the place.For the students of Class IX & XI an array of activities were organised like Tug of war, castle making, camp fire, painting competition, volleyball match and Kho-Kho. It was really a fun loving day for all the students.


The safety , honour and welfare of your country come first, always and everytime.
The honour, welfare and comfort of the men you command come next.
Your own ease, comfort and safety come last, always and everytime.
Students of Class X visited IMA (Indian Military Academy ) Dehradun on 31st Jan 2017 which is the officer training Academy of the Indian Army whose motto is “Valour & Wisdom”.
Students viewed intensive training system, parade ,met cadets also. It was a real pleasure to visit such a prestigious institution and surely will help our students to uphold the highest ethical values.


Regular hard work, revision of the work done and respect for parents and teachers were the main concepts of the motivational lecture delivered by Mrs. Alka, Principal of B.Ed College of Education to the students of Class-XI. Students felt enriched and enlightened by her thoughts.


To celebrate the joy,cheer ,mirth and merriment of the divine festival of Diwali,Springdales organized various competitions for all the classes in which all the students participated very enthusiastically.The spirit of joy & festivity prevailed in school all through the day.


Stories create magic and a sense of wonder at the world. Story telling is a unique way for students to increase verbal proficiency. To enhance the confidence and speaking skills of the students, Springdales Public School organized a Story Telling Competition for students of Class I. With the help of eye catching props they narrated the stories beautifully. The competition was judged by Ms. Sonia Bhatia & Ms. Monika. The winners were awarded and appreciated.


“Teachers are the torch bearers of Gen-next.”
Teachers Day Celebration at Springdales witnessed an array of activities.

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In Keeping with the traditional festive celebration of Raksha Bandhan, the springdalians participated in an array of activities organized on 17th August 2016.

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An English Calligraphy Competition was organised for Classes- I- III today aiming to encourage children to write neatly and present the content in proper manner. The event was attended by all the Class Incharges. Students participated with great enthusiasm . The Principal & Coordinator congratulated the winners & exhorted upon them to improve their handwriting skills.

20160806_091119 20160806_091301 20160806_091527 20160806_091602 20160806_091743 20160806_092017 20160806_092126 20160806_092635 20160806_094239 20160806_094436


Mehndi & Nail Art Competition for girls and Tattoo Making Competition for boys were organized at Springdales on 4th August. An array of designs made by the students were a treat for eyes. The little ones came in green outfits and danced and sang on popular numbers. The whole campus was filled with an air of festivity and everyone enjoyed oneself to the fullest.

DSCN1194 DSCN1196 DSCN1203 DSCN1209 DSCN1211 DSCN1213 DSCN1216 DSCN1221 DSCN1225 DSCN1228 DSCN1238


It is rightly said that well read is well understood. so, to create awareness and interest amongst the students regarding this most important skill of learning a language , a Reading Competition was organised in the school on 20 July in which all the students of Classes I- VIII participated very enthusiastically. The first three winners from every section were awarded with certificates. It was, indeed a very constructive step taken in the direction to enhance reading skill.

20160720_085239 20160720_085009 20160720_085455 DSCN1065 DSCN1073 DSCN1076 DSCN1079 IMG_20160720_084541 IMG_20160720_084956 IMG_20160720_085045


Mother’s day is a celebration of honouring mothers & motherhood, maternal bonds & influence of mother’s in society.
Springdales wishes and salutes all mother’s A Happy Mother’s Day……… 8th May 2016.

IMG_20160514_095953 IMG_20160514_100031 IMG_20160514_100120 IMG_20160514_101113 IMG_20160514_101709 IMG-20160516-WA0002 IMG-20160516-WA0006 IMG-20160516-WA0010 IMG-20160516-WA0014 IMG-20160516-WA0018 IMG20160514095538 IMG20160514100611


The Career counseling Session for class- XI was held on 5th May 16 in the School Auditorium.The session focused on the aptitude, personality & interest to be given top priority while choosing a career. The audience was apprised on the myriad career options available with reference to the Science and Commerce streams.

20160505_131120 20160505_125709 20160505_12560120160505_122328


“Not all of us can do great things, But we can do small things with great love”
Keeping this spirit of service alive Springdalians visited Gurudwara Kapal Mochan & paid obeisance. All the students rendered their voluntary services by cleaning utensils of the community kitchen (Langar) & then enjoyed this sumptuous community meals.

IMG-20160505-WA0021 IMG-20160505-WA0028 IMG-20160505-WA0031 IMG-20160505-WA0054 IMG-20160505-WA0033 IMG-20160505-WA0040 IMG-20160505-WA0046 IMG-20160505-WA0054


Students of Class XII visited IMA ( Indian Military Academy) Dehradun on 29th April 2016 to have a glimpse of the grandeur and splendour of Indian Army, courtesy Commandant, IMA & Col. Chahal.At IMA , the students viewed the intensive training system which helps a “Gentleman Cadet “ to become an “officer” in Indian Army. It has been an honour to be a part of saga of valour and the making of officers of the Indian Army for the students of our school.

20160429_095957 20160429_100049 20160429_105556 20160429_113244 20160429_115804 20160429_123827 DSCN0889 DSCN0891 DSCN0893 DSCN0897 DSCN0915 DSCN0923


A workshop on “ Life Skills” was organized on 23rd April 2016 for the staff members at Springdales public to be in sync with the latest development in their particular subjects & other Levels.

IMG20160423133326 IMG20160423133511 IMG20160423133903 IMG20160423134000


Springdales Public School organized ‘A Nature Walk’ for Classes I-III today i.e 22nd April to celebrate Earth Day 2016.Going on a Nature walk with the children is an excellent way to inspire a love & appreciation for the natural world. Students were taken for a walk in the school campus led by their respective Class Incharges. They were shown and told about the importance of all sorts of plants- ornamental, medicinal, commercial etc. The walk was an amalgamation of pleasure and education for the students.

20160422_101246 20160422_101142 20160422_101008 20160422_100854 20160422_100513 20160422_100616 20160422_095757

Students of Classes IV-V visited Ch. Devi Lal Rudraksh Vatika Herbal Nature Park on 22nd April 2016 under the guidance of their Subject Expert and Class Incharges.It is a herbal park for the preservation of several endangered Ayurvedic medicinal herbs, in the town of Chuharpur, district, It is run by the Forests Department of Haryana Government .The students enjoyed and felt wonder on knowing the herbal plants and their medicinal uses.The objective of this visit was to enhance the nature loving and observation skills of the students.

20160422_105322 20160422_105434 20160422_110140 20160422_111137 20160422_111658 20160422_111819 20160422_113129 20160422_113141


Springdales Public School, celebrated Earth Day on 22nd April 16 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. The celebration comprised of a special assemblies that intended to reflect and create awareness to preserve the health of our planet.

DSC_0183 DSC_0184 DSC_0186 DSC_0195 DSCN0725 DSCN0726 DSCN0728 DSCN0734


Keeping up with the tradition of celebrating all the festivals with great fervour & gaiety and apprising the children of their rich culture & heritage Baisakhi Celebration in the form of art & craft work using dry seeds for classes (Pre Nur-XII) was held on 12 April 2016. It was a good way of making them aware of this harvest festival of North India that marks the beginning of the New Year.

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“Eat lightly, breathe deeply and cultivate happiness in the fields of your heart”
How we eat today will have a striking impact on our health throughout adolescence. On the occasion of Health Day champs of Classes I-V brought green fruits and green vegetables(Healthy Tiffin Day).Students of Classes VI-XII wrote beautiful quotations on “Good Health”.

20160407_104152 20160407_104204 20160407_104242 DSCN0670
DSCN0696 DSCN0680



The School Campus rekindled with life once again and received with joy the smiling faces of its beloved students as the school began the new academic session 2016-17. The session was started by seeking the blessings of the almighty for the new academic year. 

DSC_0017 DSC_0023 DSC_0024 DSC_0029 DSC_0033 DSC_0036 DSC_0042 DSC_0047 DSC_0050


The martyrdom of the four Sahibzade, the four sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji ,the tenth Sikh Guru, is an important part of Sikh history. This occasion was remembered and celebrated at Springdales with great vigour and passion. A special assembly was conducted for Classes( I – V ) in which children recited very melodious shabads & poems with great reverence and also delivered speeches, throwing light on the great sacrifices made by the Sahibzade. A movie, in this connection, was also shown to the students of Classes (VI – XII) depicting the inhuman behaviour of the Mughal ruler which extinguished the tender light of the younger Sahibzade.

DSCN0454 IMG_20151229_092819 IMG_20151229_092320 DSCN0444


To gain understanding on the latest trends in Early Learning and have Hands on Experience of Classroom Activities , staff members of Springdales Public School namely Ms. Charu, Ms. Balwinder & Ms. Sakshi attended the First Conference on Modern Concepts of Early Learning held at Sona Edons Experience Centre Gurgaon on 3rd Dec 2015. Mrs. Petri Duysters M.Sc from the Netherlands & Mr. Michael Ashcraft from Germany delivered the event.

IMG_20151203_122142 IMG_20151203_140029 IMG_20151203_155336 IMG_20151203_160748 IMG_20151203_160917 IMG-20151204-WA007


The Indian army is the fourth Largest standing army in the world. To give the students a view of it, Lt. Col Arvinder Singh, Posted at IMA Dehradun , was invited in the campus. He gave the students an overview of the training system at IMA as well as how to get into the Armed Forces. It was ,indeed, a very beneficial session for our prospective GC’s.

DSCN0399 DSCN0398 DSCN0393 DSC_0023 DSC_0009 DSC_0001


Welcoming the festival of lights, students of Springdales Public School,   unfolded their creative abilities in a string  of activities on 9th Nov 2015. The item prepared by the students of Classes I & II included different types of candles, diyas & puja thalis decorated with ribbons sparkles, beads, shells, mirrors, glitters etc. Gift wrapping competition (Classes III – V)  & Art Mela (Classes VI- XII) were organized & their active participation in these events made it more memorable.

IMG-20151108-WA0010 IMG-20151108-WA0009 IMG-20151108-WA0006 IMG_20151109_140019 DSCN0233 DSCN0253 IMG_20151109_131942 IMG_20151109_132535 DSCN0230 DSCN0227 DSCN0221DSCN0233


Students of Springdales Public School staged a “ Nukkad Natak” at village Mehlawali today. The awareness campaign was really a mark of teamwork & farsightedness for making people aware about the various disease like dengue , malaria & swine flu. Locals of the village  appreciated & applauded the efforts put in by the students. They thanked the School Management & Staff for organizing such an awareness programme.

DSCN0142 DSCN0152 DSCN0159 DSCN0163 DSCN0165 DSCN0166 DSCN0170 DSCN0172 DSCN0176  DSCN0196 DSCN0207 DSCN0209


How we eat today will have a striking impact on our health throughout adolescence. Consuming nutritious food help children and teen grow. To make the children aware of the importance of nutritious diet on the eve of World Food Day on 16th Oct 2015, Springdalians were engaged in mélange of activities .Pre School was engaged in Sandwich Making. Students from Classes I,II and III enjoyed Fruit Chat and Lemonade respectively .Classes IV & V relished Salad Making and VI –VIII prepared the healthy sprouts. Students from IX-XII delivered informative presentations on Balanced  Diet and Healthy Food habits.

DSCN0020 DSCN0021 DSCN0028 DSCN0033 DSCN0037 DSCN0041 DSCN0047 IMG-20151015-WA0003 IMG-20151015-WA0005 IMG-20151015-WA0009 IMG-20151015-WA0017 IMG-20151015-WA0021 IMG-20151016-WA0000 IMG-20151016-WA0001 IMG-20151016-WA0019 IMG-20151017-WA0009


Springdales organized a visit to the forest Research Institute for its students on 4th Sep,15. The students were filled with joy & exuberance as they witnessed the rich flora & fauna of our Country. The Forest Research Institute campus hosts the IGNFA (Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy), the staff college that trains officers selected for the Indian Forest Service(IFS)This field trip gave children their share of amazing moments to cherish forever.

IMG-20150905-WA0027 IMG-20150905-WA0028 IMG-20150905-WA0052 IMG-20150905-WA0051 IMG-20150905-WA0042 IMG-20150905-WA0039 IMG-20150905-WA0033  


Springdales organized a visit to the forest Research Institute for its students on 4th Sep,15. The students were filled with joy & exuberance as they witnessed the rich flora & fauna of our Country. The Forest Research Institute campus hosts the IGNFA (Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy), the staff college that trains officers selected for the Indian Forest Service(IFS)This field trip gave children their share of amazing moments to cherish forever.

IMG-20150905-WA0044 IMG-20150905-WA0046 IMG-20150905-WA0047 IMG-20150905-WA0050


In an endeavour to provide the students an opportunity to have a glimpse of the gandeur and splendour of Indian Army, Springdale organized an educational trip to IMA (Indian Military Academy), Dehradun ,on 4 Sep,15 for students of Class XII, courtesy Commandant, IMA & Col. Chahal. Our Children got an opportunity to see for themselves the state of art technology, infrastructure, techniques that this premier Academy uses to make officers of the Gentleman Cadets in the Academy. It has been an honour to be a part of saga of valour and the making of officers of the Indian Army for the students of our school.

IMG-20150907-WA0012 IMG-20150907-WA0009 IMG-20150907-WA0006 IMG-20150905-WA0098 IMG-20150905-WA0095 IMG-20150905-WA0093 IMG-20150905-WA0084 IMG-20150905-WA0078 IMG-20150905-WA0076 IMG-20150905-WA0073 IMG-20150905-WA0070 IMG-20150905-WA0067 IMG-20150905-WA0065 IMG-20150905-WA0055 IMG-20150905-WA0054 IMG-20150905-WA0024


The long awaited Springdales First Swimming Pool was inaugurated on 31st Aug 15 by the District Sports Officer Mr. Parminder Singh Ji. It is equipped with showers & spacious changing rooms. Cleanliness & hygiene of the pool has been given up most importance. Regular swimming and hobby classes will be held everyday under the guidance & watchful eyes of professional trainers.

SAM_5227 SAM_5226 IMG-20150901-WA0008 SAM_5196 SAM_5203 SAM_5208 IMG-20150901-WA0007


Springdales celebrated Raksha Bandhan  with a difference…  in  its true spirit of universal brotherhood. Teachers shared mythological stories of the festival rakhi & spoke on its significance. Students enthusiastically participated in Thali decoration ,Gift bags making, Ribbon flower making, Card & Rakhi making activities. In all,  it was a successful attempt to make  the celebration eventful by spreading the social message.

..   IMG-20150828-WA0012 IMG-20150828-WA0023 IMG-20150828-WA0029 IMG-20150828-WA0036 IMG-20150829-WA0012 IMG-20150829-WA0027 IMG-20150829-WA0029 IMG-20150901-WA0024 IMG-20150901-WA0032 IMG-20150901-WA0036 IMG-20150901-WA0043 IMG-20150901-WA0045 IMG-20150901-WA0053 IMG-20150901-WA0054 IMG-20150901-WA0055 SAM_5190


Teej Festival was celebrated with great enthusiasm in Springdales Public School.Children had a smile & twinkling eyes after they saw decorated campus and swings decorated with flowers.  Students dressed up in traditional Punjabi  attire danced on the tunes of Teez numbers and participated in Inter –house Mehandi & on the spot Drawing Competition & were in high spirits throughout the day.

IMG-20150818-WA0080IMG-20150818-WA0074IMG-20150818-WA0076 IMG-20150821-WA0020IMG-20150818-WA0073IMG-20150821-WA0024IMG-20150821-WA0005IMG-20150818-WA0078


Springdales Public School celebrated 69 years of India’s Independence with great fervour and patriotism . The celebration continued for the entire week from 11 th Aug to 14 th Aug . An array of activities were organized to mark the jubilation like  Special Assemblies ,Fancy Dress Competition and Scrap Book Activities (Pre- School), Solo Song Competition and Card making Activity (Classes I-III),Poem Recitation Competition, Quiz (Classes  VI-VII)and Portrait making for (Classes  IX-XII)

)IMG-20150814-WA0008SAM_5036 IMG-20150814-WA0003IMG-20150814-WA0124




A workshop on “ Life Skills”  was organized on 8 th August  2015 for the staff members at Springdales public to be in sync with the latest development in their particular subjects & other Levels.

WP_20150808_045WP_20150808_13_22_37_Pro WP_20150808_047 WP_20150808_056 WP_20150808_12_42_15_Pro


The Students of grade 4 & 5 visited the eminent Buria Sahib Gurudwara on 22 July 2015. It was a pleasant spiritual experience as it aimed at making the students familiar with our sikh culture & heritage. They paid reverence to the holy book ‘ The Guru Granth Sahib & recited shabads. Ms. Gurpreet threw light on the life history of Shri guru Teg Bahadur Ji, the Nineth Guru of the Sikhs.

g1 g2 g3 g4 g5


Distribution of necessities and stationery items to slum dwellers and underprivileged children at Shani Mandir Sec-17, by the students of classes XI & XII. Kudos to Springdalians for their selfless & compassionate efforts. Keep it up !!!

s1 s2 s3 s4 s5 s7 s8 s9


” We have a social responsibility, a constitutional opportunity and a moral obligation to help others”.
Every volunteer contributes a drop to the ocean of humanity, & it is certainly true that the ocean would be less without these drops. This was definitely apparent when on 16th July students from classes VI to X visited a leprosy centre at & a rehabilitation centre/Balkunj at Chhachrauli to donate necessities to their inmates.

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Nature holds the key to our aesthetics, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction. Visits to botanical gardens offer enriching outdoor learning experience for all students.
Our students of Classes I – III visited Ch. Devi Lal Rudraksh Vatika Herbal Nature Park on 14 July 2015 under the guidance of their Co-ordinator and Class Incharges.It is a herbal park for the preservation of several endangered Ayurvedic medicinal herbs, in the town of Chuharpur, Yamunanagar district, It is run by the Forests Department of Haryana Government .The students enjoyed and felt wonder on knowing the herbal plants and their medicinal uses. The objective of this visit was to enhance the nature loving and observation skills of the students.

SAM_4808 SAM_4805 SAM_4794 SAM_4792 SAM_4787 SAM_4784 SAM_4783 SAM_4782 SAM_4777 SAM_4774 SAM_4772 SAM_4768


“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination & hard work.”

On 22nd May, Our achievers who had attained excellence in the sphere of co-curricular activities

through their dedicated efforts & hard work were honoured by our worthy trustee Mr. Parampal

Singh Buttar assisted by the Principal Ms. Neera Dewan.

raksha-image raksha-image raksha-image
raksha-image raksha-image raksha-image
raksha-image SAM_4679 SAM_4677

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, than you are a

leader”- John Quincy Adams

Nurturing students to be future leaders, Springdale held the Investiture Ceremony on 22nd May 2015

to bestow the members of the Students Council with the responsibility of leading the school from


The members of Student Council were adorned with the badges & sashes by the honourable

Trustee, the Director & the Principal of school. All the members pledged to work hard honestly &

earnestly & keep the motto of the school “Valour & Wisdom” in high esteem.

raksha-image raksha-image raksha-image
raksha-image raksha-image raksha-image
raksha-image raksha-image raksha-image

To mark the great sacrifices made by Shri Guru Arjun Dev ji , a Chhabeel was organised in the

school campus on 21st May 2015 where in senior students volunteered themselves to serve sweet

water to all the children & as well as all the people who visited the school that day.

raksha-image raksha-image raksha-image
raksha-image raksha-image


Kids of Classes Pre Nur – VII went to a Fun Trip to “Patiala Fun World” on 20th May 2015 where they

enjoyed the Amusement Rides, Swings, 5-D Theatre, Rain Dancing , Thrilling water slides etc.The

Kids had a rocking time.

raksha-image raksha-image raksha-image
raksha-image raksha-image raksha-image

The unique and strong bond which we all share with our mother cannot be compared ever. Warmth,

affection, compassion and love are the words that have true meaning when mentioned with respect

to a mother. She has a great impact in your life, your character and behaviour as well. The

numerous sacrifices she makes to make you happy, the love and care she provides to keep you

cozy and the joy she kept away for your sake is truly unquestionable.

Mother’s Day is our salutation to the embodiment of love & to the spirit of motherhood. Keeping this

in mind springdalians were engaged in an array of activities on 8th May 2015. Students from

Classes Pre Nursery- III depicted their unconditional love for their Moms by making beautiful cards.

Classes IV – IX expressed themselves by writing touching messages and displaying them on the

Class Bulletin Board. Songs sung by students of Classes X – XII left the audience spell bound.

raksha-image raksha-image raksha-image
raksha-image raksha-image raksha-image
raksha-image raksha-image raksha-image
raksha-image raksha-image raksha-image

Career Counselling service was rendered to the students of class XI on 7th May wherein HODs of

Science, Commerce & Arts apprised students of all possible options in their respective streams

keeping in mind their area of interest, inclination & aptitude. They showed PPTs to make the

concepts more vivid .The session concluded with some very valuable tips given by the honourable

Trustee of the school.

raksha-image raksha-image raksha-image

Teachers orientation programme was organised on 29th April in association with The Teachers

Foundation ,Bangalore to share enhancement of innovative teaching techniques to be used in class

room teaching.

raksha-image raksha-image raksha-image
raksha-image raksha-image
  • The school campus was abuzz with activities from 21st April – 24th April 2015 to celebrate Earth Day under Orchids Eco Club.
  • A special assembly marked the event. A tree plantation drive was organised by Classes IX, X.
  • An inter-class Book mark competition was also held for Classes VI-VIII. Students from Classes I-V recited beautiful poems in the praise of Mother Earth.
  • A contest Litter Less Lunches was held for all the classes to see which classroom makes the least amount of garbage at lunchtime during Earth Week celebration.
  • Finally students from Classes XI, XII made beautiful paper bags /folders with some catchy Earth Day slogans on them.
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raksha-image raksha-image raksha-image
raksha-image raksha-image raksha-image
raksha-image raksha-image raksha-image
raksha-image raksha-image raksha-image

Keeping with the tradition of celebrating all the festivals with great fervour & gaiety and apprising the children of their rich culture & heritage, Baisakhi was also celebrated. There was a Card Making activity for the students of Classes (I-V) and Dry Flower Arrangement Competition for Classes (VI -VIII). Students participated in these activities with full enthusiasm.

raksha-image raksha-image raksha-image
raksha-image raksha-image

To Eat Is a Necessity But to Eat Intelligently Is an Art.

Good health adds life to years. On 7 April 2015 we organized an activity to celebrate World Health

Day. To be a part of this activity, all the students brought green vegetables and fruits and enjoyed

sharing it with each other during recess. The Class Teacher was constantly on round and kept telling

them about the importance of fruits and vegetables.

raksha-image raksha-image raksha-image
raksha-image raksha-image

Spiritual aspect is the subtlest aspect of a person’s life. If we develop ourselves at spiritual level, it’s easy

to develop at other levels. Keeping in with this divine belief, we commence our new session with Akhand

Path. The Bhog ceremony takes place on 4th April in which children of all classes came turn wise to pay

their obeisance and seek the blessings of the Almighty.

raksha-image raksha-image raksha-image
raksha-image raksha-image raksha-image

Students at Springdales celebrated Raksha Bandhan on August 19th,2013 to strengthen the bond of love and foster the feeling of sharing and caring between brothers and sisters. With great enthusiasm various activities were organized to mark the occasion.

Rakhi competition: A rakhi making competition was organized for classes I to V at Springdales . Students from all classes participated in the celebration and showcased their creativity by making designer, Eco friendly and traditional rakhis .It was truly a delight to watch the young hands of our little artists making Rakhis. The competition was judged by the faculty members of the school.

The senior students of classes VI to XII showcased their talent in Message Writing depicting the spirit of Raksha Bandhan. Some messages were so appealing and touching that they stole the hearts of all.

raksha-image raksha-image raksha-image
raksha-image raksha-image raksha-image
raksha-image raksha-image raksha-image
raksha-image raksha-image raksha-image
raksha-image raksha-image raksha-image

To commemorate this most memorable occasion and make the present generation aware of the sacrifices made by the people for our independence, many activities were organized and 67th Independence Day was celebrated in Springdales with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervor

On this day brave soldiers, martyrs, leaders were remembered who sacrificed their lives for the independence of India in the form of a Fancy Dress competition for classes I-II. It was really amusing to see them dressed as freedom fighters, especially the ones who portrayed themselves as Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Nehru, Indira Gandhi etc. Children came dressed in their colorful costumes and spoke a few sentences on the character that they depicted. The amazing number of participants and the hard work of the parents behind each child was highly commendable. In class I the first prize was shared by Mukul and Ramneek, As the competition was very cut throat, the second prize was also shared by Nilesh and Arsheep. Third prize went to Pushkar and consolation prizes were received by Ahana and Sanah. From class II Siddharth and Devansh were declared first, Anshul and Jashanpreet came second and Nitika won the third position. Consolation went to Karan and Muskan.

On the same day a Solo Dance Competition was organized for classes III – V . The competition started with great zeal and enthusiasm. The choreography, rhythm, synchronization and presentation of all students were par excellence and they won the hearts of the judges as well as the audience by their rhythm, beat and agility. All the performances were captivating but in category- I that was for class III it was Kripi who stole the show and got the first prize. Second and third went to Hansika and Kanan respectively. Consolation were given to Deepanshu and Tushar. In category – II that was for classes IV- V there was a neck to neck competition between Chiranjeev of VA and Muskan of V B. But Chiranjeev’s expressions enabled him to win the first position and Muskan won the second. Khushi received the third prize and Arshpreet of IV A and Gurleen of VA received the consolations.

.Not only juniors but seniors were equally a part of this Independence Day celebration. The young Springdaleans very enthusiastically participated in a Solo Song Competition . With the essence of patriotism in the air and a passion to be a true Indian to serve the nation, the participants touched the hearts of the listeners. The entire premises reverberated with the feelings of patriotism as the students from classes vi – x sang melodious patriotic songs.In category – I, that was for class VI, Harneet Kaur won maximum accolades and won the first prize, Boys were no less than the girls. Harshdeep Singh was given the second prize and Harshdeep Kaur received the third. In the second category, Kiranjot Kaur got the first prize, second went to Aastha and third was given to Ramandeep kaur.From Classes IX- X, the recipient of the first prize was Harkirat Kaur (IX-C), Nikhil (IX-C) received the second prize and the third went to Nakshita (X-C). Consolations were given to Megha and Jaspreet Singh, both from (IX-C).

baisakhi-image baisakhi-image baisakhi-image
baisakhi-image baisakhi-image baisakhi-image
baisakhi-image baisakhi-image baisakhi-image
baisakhi-image baisakhi-image

Festival of Baisakhi is celebrated with lot of joy and enthusiasm in the northern state of Punjab and Farmers are jubilant over the festival as for them Baisakhi marks the time for harvest of rabi crops. It is the beginning for a great year ahead, which is filled with special moments. On the glorious occasion of Baisakhi, students at Springdales celebrated it by participating in a Card Making Competition depicting the theme of Baisakhi & Punjabi culture. Children enjoyed taking part in this competition.

baisakhi-image baisakhi-image baisakhi-image
EARTH DAY CELEBRATION – An Endeavour to Save Mother Earth.

Earth Day helps celebrate Earth’s unique place in the universe. It is the only planet in our solar system teeming with incredible biodiversity. Learning about and protecting this biodiversity is what Earth Day is all about. Orchid Eco Club of School celebrated ‘Eco-Week’ from 22 April to 25 April 2013. During this week, special assembly was organised , in which children recited poems and delivered speeches to sensitize the audience about the various problems faced by our planet and the need to redress them.

A plethora of activities which focused on the motto of the week “GO GREEN” were initiated.

A tree plantation drive-Students were made aware of the types of plants that they had planted. In the initial phase of plantation only compost manure was used.

To assimilate classroom teaching with the real world around Nature Walk for the students of Classes I to V was organized. When children reached outdoors they were enthralled by the beauty of the spot. They were accompanied by their science teachers who told them about those flowers , their uses and their botanical names.

In continuation Drawing and Colouring Competition (Classes I – II), Slogan Writing (Classes III-V) & Poster Making Competition – (Classes VI – X) & were organized in which the students successfully touched the issues of Global Warming ,Industrialization & reckless cutting of trees.

Students of classes X – XII participated in a Seminar held on 26 April and expressed their views on the topic – Sustainable Development.

An Educational trip to Devilal Botanical Garden was also organised for Classes V & VI. The students were accompanied by their Science teachers to study the diverse flora and fauna in the natural surroundings. Students were informed about the scientific names of different flowers, trees, plants and told about their medicinal qualities. It was an exciting trip that combined thrill and education.

baisakhi-image baisakhi-image baisakhi-image
baisakhi-image baisakhi-image baisakhi-image
baisakhi-image baisakhi-image baisakhi-image

To honour mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society i.e. 12 May , second Sunday of May, Mother’s Day , was celebrated at Springdales with full interest and enthusiasm. The celebrations extended for full one week from 13 May to 16 May. Students were invited to express their views for their mother in the special assemblies organized in the morning. Students recited some very touchy poems , sang songs, gave dances, presentations and small speeches to show their appreciation towards their mothers and mothers world wide.

baisakhi-image baisakhi-image baisakhi-image

Keeping up the spirit of Health & Wellness club an activity on reducing waste and conserving resources was organized on 17th may 2013. The students of classes I – X participated enthusiastically in this activity. The children came out with fantastic ideas of using waste material to make beautiful objects. The students of classes I – III surprised the teachers by making mermaids using thermocol balls, pineapples with pencil shavings and photo frames using toffee wrappers. Tajmahal made with marbles, models of tanks, missiles enthralled the judges. Colourful carry bags also caught attention. Indeed if these ideas are put to practice, the problem of using poly bags can be solved to a large extent.

baisakhi-image baisakhi-image baisakhi-image
baisakhi-image baisakhi-image baisakhi-image

To clear the career dilemmas in the minds of the students and make them aware of the changes in the environment, ‘Career After XII’, an interactive seminar was conducted in the school by Career Launcher , , on 23 May 2013.




A road safety drive in the form of ppt’s was undertaken by Disaster Management Club on 20th May 2013 where the students were familiarised with the traffic rules, road signals and the complexities involved with traffic management. The programme concluded with a specially – organised screening of a short documentary on traffic regulations.




To bring alive the spirit to plant and save trees,Hindi Declamation for classes VI – X was organised on 29th july 2013 on the topic Save Environment. It was delightful to see the otherwise sober and quite students of the class, expressing their views so emphatically and impressively. All the judges applauded the participants for their confidence and clarity of thought. However Jasdeep k. (VI), Muskan (VII), Shrishti (XI) and Aashi (X) were declared the winners of the first prize and Hartik, Jyoti, Dilpreet k., Akshita and Parteek, of class VI – X won the second prize respectively.

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Van Mahotsav was celebrated at Springdales public School, on 25th July to steal the attention of all towards the need to conserve forests and promote afforestation. Students of classes I -V participated in the event. Kavita Vachan Pratiyogita was organised to sensitize the students and teachers to the cause. Such a large number of students showed their eagerness to participate in the competition that the class teacher had to go through two selection processes to select the children for the competition. The junior students regaled the judges and the audience by their sweet and innocent voice. The first price was bagged by Nilesh, Devanshi, Hiya, Samrat and Devansh respectively. Gauri, Nandini, Kripi, Radhika and Amanpreet K. walked away with the second.

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Dear Parents As you have noticed that from last few days we have been focusing on the academics of the students by delivering lessons through school 's website. It is advised by our honourable Prime Minister to stay calm and cooperative with each other. It is to make the best use of homestay period, enhancing their self study skills. We will be providing notes to help your wards in their studies. This is being done so that academic session 20-21 is not wasted due to COVID-19.We may get less working days to finish off the syllabus.This is as per CBSE and Government order that school should help students in their studies. Our teachers are really working very hard to plan and execute this work for our students. We will constantly keep helping you to utilize this time fruitfully. This practise must be emphasized and should be taken seroiusly. Students can arrange books from their seniors, neighbours, friends, relatives as books have not been changed much. Hope , your precious time is not wasted . Stay safe and secure.
Students Birthday
1 Sep. Shorya, IV E

1 Sep. Priyanshu, V B LP

1 Sep. Jaspreet, IV D

1 Sep. Tripti, X B

1 Sep. Tanish, V A

2 Sep. Simran, XII B

2 Sep. Navjot, XII C

2 Sep. Tanish, X A

2 Sep. Kanchan, XI A

2 Sep. Chesta, IX A

2 Sep. Namanjot, PreNur Poppy A

2 Sep. Jasmeet , II A

2 Sep. Namish , II A

2 Sep. Harman, III B

2 Sep. Yash, Nur Rose

2 Sep. Isha, VI B

2 Sep. Navneet, IV B

2 Sep. Nandini, XII A

2 Sep. Manmohan , XII A

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