Orchids Eco Club

Convener : Mrs. Neera Dewan
Secretary: Ms. Sapna
Teacher’s Representative:

Mr. Parvesh
Ms. Amanpreet

Student’s Representative::
Class I – V: Hiya , Hansika
Class VI – VIII: Aumisha, Prabhdeep Singh
Class IX – XII: Ramandeep , Ayushi


The school campus was abuzz with activities from 21st April – 24th April 2015 to celebrate Earth Day

under Orchids Eco Club.

A special assembly marked the event. A tree plantation drive was organised by Classes IX, X.

An inter-class Book mark competition was also held for Classes VI-VIII. Students from Classes I-V

recited beautiful poems in the praise of Mother Earth.

A contest Litter Less Lunches was held for all the classes to see which classroom makes the least

amount of garbage at lunchtime during Earth Week celebration.

Finally students from Classes XI, XII made beautiful paper bags /folders with some catchy Earth Day

slogans on them.

Special Assembly was conducted by Ms. Aarti Garg and Ms. Charu delivered a lecture on “Need and importance of Earth Day” on 21 April 2015.
Some students also expressed their concern for saving Mother Earth on this day:
AVNEET                                      V-D                                       SPEECH
NANDINI                                    IV-A                                      POEM
GAURI                                         III-A                                      POEM
The motive to conduct the assembly was to aware the students about the importance of Earth Day & how they can contribute their little efforts to save Earth.
Special Assembly was conducted by Ms. Khushboo and Ms. Shivangi delivered a lecture on “Need and importance of Earth Day” on 22 April 2015.
On this day, Our students also presented their views to convey the message of environmental protection:
JASDEEP KAUR                            VIII-A                                   POEM
RIYA                                                  X-A                                       SLOGAN
RAMANDEEP                                 X-A                                       SLOGAN
ANSHIKA                                         X-A                                      SPEECH
HARSHDEEP KAUR                     VIII-A                                 POEM
The motive to conduct Special Assembly was to convey the message of environmental protection which is the need of time.
We need to stay clean to make room for a clean mind. Do not litter here n there. Our students must be aware of the need of cleanliness.
To encourage  a broader environmental awareness among students, our Orchids Eco-Club organised a contest to see which classroom was neat during lunchtime.
Theme – Nature
A  poem Recitation Competition was organised on 24th April 2015. Students presented various poems to tell the importance to protect environment. Effective messages  were conveyed by the students to protect environment.
Theme – Nature

Students made the bookmarks from waste material with the message “Save Nature” concerning the urgent need of protecting the environment. This activity was held by keeping in mind that the climate change and also the measures to save the mother Earth from deteriorating climate. different messages were projected on the book marks, which showed the concern of the students for the Mother Earth.

Theme – Nature
Students performed this activity in a group of 4 members in each. Each group had brought one plant and planted various trees in and around the school. all students enthusiastically participated in this activity. This activity was infact a message for all to get concern about the present condition and the need to make the planet ‘Green’. This activity remained helpful to connect the students to the nature and to make their compatibility with nature as well.
Theme – Nature
Students made the paper bags/ folders from the waste material with a message ‘ Save Nature’ concerning the urgent need of protecting the environment.
As in the present era the people have need to protect the environment in which they develop for the past many years, We have been indulged in harming the Mother Earth by various means like using polythene bags , throwing in the rivers or dumping them underground and many more. Such actions which are directly or indirectly assaulting the Mother Earth by one way or other. So this activity has warned us against such actions and has put forth the importance and need of using paper bags which are biodegradable and safety valve as well.

2Now a day everyone is concerned about the environmental degradation in the world. Hence, to save the environment from further deterioration, the present generation is to be enriched and encouraged for the pollution free environment and healthy living. With the mission to sensitize the students towards the importance of environment, making them more eco-conscious and socially responsible towards conserving the natural world, Springdales started its Eco-Club named OrchidsMain Objectives of the Club1. Provide students with the opportunities to learn more about their surroundings, participate in service projects at school and in the community.2. Promote environmental awareness and develop social and life skills.3. Increase student’s awareness of environmental issues and give them power to make change.

4. Provide opportunities for students to become directly involved in a variety of projects relating to the environment.

5. Promote environmental awareness and empower students to take actions and work toward building a sound environmental ethic.

Motto : “Nurture nature”

Orchids Eco – Club celebrated Earth Day on 22nd April 2013 to show their concern for saving ‘ MOTHER EARTH’. Various activities were planned and organised to instill in the students the virtue of working in sync with nature.

♣ The club launched a week long celebrations by conducting a special assembly and presentations on ‘Save the Earth’ campaign.

♣ Plantation programme was organised where the students of classes VI – X planted the saplings of ‘duranta’ in the school campus under the guidance of our teachers.

“Air is breath of life
Do not abuse it”

Our Goals during this activity were:-

To create awareness among the students about the causes of air pollution, green house effect and global warming.

To impart knowledge among students about the serious problems occurring due to the pollution and global warming.

To encourage the students to grow trees and reduce air pollution.

♣ On the same day (i.e. 22nd April 2013), another activity i.e. Nature’s walk was held
in our school for classes I – V

Our Goals during this activity were:-

√ To inculcate the positive attitude towards nature.

√ To impart knowledge among the students about the various kinds of plants and their importance for humans.

Our Teachers Ms. Sakshi, Ms. Monica , Ms. Amanpreet, Ms. Aanchal played an important role during this activity. As a teacher is one who nurtures new green sprouts, encourages and leads them whenever they have doubts, Our teachers did all these things with a pleasant attitude. They explained the importance of each & every plant present in school along with their botanical names to the students of classes I – V.


♣ In continuation Drawing and Colouring Competition (Classes I – II), Slogan Writing (Classes III-V) & Poster Making Competition – (Classes VI – X) & were organized in which the students successfully touched the issues of Global Warming ,Industrialization & reckless cutting of trees.

♣Visit to Botanical Garden on 26th April 2013

To aware students about the variety of plants and their medicinal importance as Botanical Garden is the most compact with diverse collections of plants.


On 26th April , Friday students from classes V – VI were taken to Botanical Garden located near Chhachhrauli where they were told about the importance of flowering, non-flowering and medicinal plants along with their botanical names by their teachers.

Students collected the leaves of some plants and also noted down their importance in their notepad. This trip was beneficial to the students from the educational point of view. They enjoyed a lot and were fascinated by viewing such a large range of plants and by knowing that every leaf of that Botanical garden was important for medicinal purpose

♣ Students of Classes X – XII participated in a Seminar held on 26 April and expressed their views on the topic – Sustainable Development. Though all participants tried hard to give their best in this competition but the extra-ordinary students of the classes X, XI-XII bagged different positions in this competition.

Category I(Class X) Category II (Class XI-XII) Category II (Class XI-XII)
Category I(Class X) Category II (Class XI-XII) Category II (Class XI-XII)
Aashi (X B) Prachi (XII A) Prachi (XII A)
Simran (X C) Jaspreet (XII A) Vishu (XII A)
Ritika (X B) Vishu (XII A) Vishu (XII A)

♣ Ppt on Environment day was prepared and shown to the students in the smart class to make them aware about the hazards of pollution and global warming and how to control it.

Dear Parents As you have noticed that from last few days we have been focusing on the academics of the students by delivering lessons through school 's website. It is advised by our honourable Prime Minister to stay calm and cooperative with each other. It is to make the best use of homestay period, enhancing their self study skills. We will be providing notes to help your wards in their studies. This is being done so that academic session 20-21 is not wasted due to COVID-19.We may get less working days to finish off the syllabus.This is as per CBSE and Government order that school should help students in their studies. Our teachers are really working very hard to plan and execute this work for our students. We will constantly keep helping you to utilize this time fruitfully. This practise must be emphasized and should be taken seroiusly. Students can arrange books from their seniors, neighbours, friends, relatives as books have not been changed much. Hope , your precious time is not wasted . Stay safe and secure.
Students Birthday
1 Sep. Shorya, IV E

1 Sep. Priyanshu, V B LP

1 Sep. Jaspreet, IV D

1 Sep. Tripti, X B

1 Sep. Tanish, V A

2 Sep. Simran, XII B

2 Sep. Navjot, XII C

2 Sep. Tanish, X A

2 Sep. Kanchan, XI A

2 Sep. Chesta, IX A

2 Sep. Namanjot, PreNur Poppy A

2 Sep. Jasmeet , II A

2 Sep. Namish , II A

2 Sep. Harman, III B

2 Sep. Yash, Nur Rose

2 Sep. Isha, VI B

2 Sep. Navneet, IV B

2 Sep. Nandini, XII A

2 Sep. Manmohan , XII A

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