Sushruta Health & Wellness Club

Mens Sana in corpora Sano (Your prayer must be for sound mind in a sound body)



Convener :- Mrs. Neera Dewan
Secretary :- Ms. Aanchal

Teacher’s Representatives :-

Class IX – XII : Mr. Azad
Class VI – VIII : Mrs. Parveen Prabha
Class I – V: Ms. Aarti Garg
Class I – V:- Hiya, Parth
Class VI – VIII:- Avleen, Prachi
Class IX – XII:- Shikhar, Riya

As is rightly said by Voltmer and Esslinger that health is considered as that conditions, mental and physical in which the individual is functionally well adjusted internally as concerns body parts and externally as concerns his environment. The WHO has defined health as a state of complete physical, social and mental well being not merely the absence or disease or infirmity. Our Education aims to make the child, ‘Fit to live and fit to live with’. In a broader perspective education and Health Education are interdependent. A healthy child is prepared to face the challenges posed by the Education process.

Springdales Health & Wellness club owes its name to Sushruta as Sushruta is the most celebrated physician and surgeon in India. Though he practiced during the 5th century B.C., many of his contributions to medicine and surgery preceded similar discoveries in the Western world. Sushruta devotes a complete volume of his experiences to ophthalmologic diseases. His ability to manage many common eye conditions of the time with limited diagnostic acids is a testament to his virtuosity.


1. Foster healthy development of children and young people in their settings of schools, home, community and peer group so that they can learn, grow and make a positive contribution now and in the future.

2. Offer schools a framework for developing health promotions initiatives in a way that supports and enhances their existing structures, programmes and practices.

3. Help school in evaluating the range of related activities they are currently involved in, identifying areas of need and setting goals for further promotion wellbeing.

4. Raise awareness of the importance of promoting health for all of us.


It has been the endeavour of Sushruta Health n Wellness club to integrate health awareness initiatives in the lives of its students. Learner friendly programmes are a step in this direction. The endeavours have been as detailed below:-

Theme Assemblies organised to celebrate the important days such as World Health Day, World No Tobacco Day, World Aids Day etc. Handouts, discussions and poster making are held as relevant activities.

Specified food days ear – marked for different classes to promote healthy eating habits among students.

Physical Education classes planned for active participation for students. Qualities of self defence, flexibility , spiritual and mental health and above all the spirit of sportsmanship developed through Judo-karate, Boxing, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Basketball etc.

Participation of students in health walks and activities to promote greener and cleaner environment.

Running of Morning and Evening academies (Cricket, Judo – Karate, Hockey, Basketball and Skating).

Preparing PPTs on health related issues.

Dear Parents As you have noticed that from last few days we have been focusing on the academics of the students by delivering lessons through school 's website. It is advised by our honourable Prime Minister to stay calm and cooperative with each other. It is to make the best use of homestay period, enhancing their self study skills. We will be providing notes to help your wards in their studies. This is being done so that academic session 20-21 is not wasted due to COVID-19.We may get less working days to finish off the syllabus.This is as per CBSE and Government order that school should help students in their studies. Our teachers are really working very hard to plan and execute this work for our students. We will constantly keep helping you to utilize this time fruitfully. This practise must be emphasized and should be taken seroiusly. Students can arrange books from their seniors, neighbours, friends, relatives as books have not been changed much. Hope , your precious time is not wasted . Stay safe and secure.
Students Birthday
1 Sep. Shorya, IV E

1 Sep. Priyanshu, V B LP

1 Sep. Jaspreet, IV D

1 Sep. Tripti, X B

1 Sep. Tanish, V A

2 Sep. Simran, XII B

2 Sep. Navjot, XII C

2 Sep. Tanish, X A

2 Sep. Kanchan, XI A

2 Sep. Chesta, IX A

2 Sep. Namanjot, PreNur Poppy A

2 Sep. Jasmeet , II A

2 Sep. Namish , II A

2 Sep. Harman, III B

2 Sep. Yash, Nur Rose

2 Sep. Isha, VI B

2 Sep. Navneet, IV B

2 Sep. Nandini, XII A

2 Sep. Manmohan , XII A

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