Pre-primary, being a child’s first experience in the formal educational system, can be an anxious time for both children and parents which is why we have taken special care to create a warm, welcoming and cheerful atmosphere, in which children feel secure and happy. An environment that makes them want to come to school each morning. Springdales core belief is that every child is unique and has an infinite potential; he/she just needs help in realizing it.

Teachers become one of the most important persons in a toddlers life. writing an essay Our teachers live up to a trusting child’s expectations — caring, friendly and fair; yet firm and discipline – conscious when needed.

A carefully selected range of toys, learning aids, craft materials and books complete the picture.

And with the confidence that our Pre-primary children gain in this nurturing environment, their transition to primary school becomes a smooth and happy progression.

A Love of Learning

Ideally, learning at the pre-primary stage should be an experiential, enjoyable experience…one that leaves a child with a lifelong love of learning.

Leading educational specialists and child psychologists believe that the best learning takes place through playing, listening and asking questions. Not to mention observation, reflection and exploration.

At our- School, experiential learning is encouraged and facilitated through enlightened, child-friendly teachers; individual attention to children; group discussions and interactions and carefully selected books and learning aids. Our methodology is to first listen, then speak, then read and finally write. Children are encouraged to learn about themselves and the people and things around them, including abstract concepts. The emphasis is on anxiety-free learning rather than reading and writing by rote. Nature, singing and painting are a much-loved part of everyday school life.

Children learn other important lessons too: to share, abide by simple rules, get on well with other children and accept the authority of kindly adults.

Our Goals

There are many things we want our young charges to gain in their years at our Pre-primary, amongst which the most important are:

  • A healthy self-confidence and a positive self-image.
  • Respect and concern for other children and adults.
  • A sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around them.
  • Spacious and safe classrooms…
  • Children’s playground with swings, see-saws and slides.
  • A range of toys, craft materials and learning aids.
  • Age-appropriate books and audio-visual material, to stimulate the imagination and encourage pleasurable learning.
  • The kindergarten program is designed to challenge children in all areas – academic, social, emotional, and physical. To encourage this regular outdoor & indoor activities are conducted in the class.
  • To make learning easy & joyful, teaching is incorporated with smart classes through Educomp and Extramarks.
Mode of Assessment

Throughout the year, Kindergartners are assessed to monitor their progress and achievement of goals. Some of these assessments will be formal, such as tasks or writing tests, while others will be informal, such as teacher notes, portfolios, or student work samples. Four monthly tests will be conducted in the month of July, September, December and March including all subjects’ written and oral tests.

First Monthly Assessment: April – July
Second Monthly Assessment: August – September
Third Monthly Assessment: October – December
Fourth Monthly Assessment: January – March
School Calendar and Timings

Details of holidays and activities conducted periodically are mentioned in the School Calendar.

School timings are
Summers: 8:10 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Winters: 8:40 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Age Criteria
  • Registration for Pre-Nur, Nur, commences from 15th December every year.
  • Age of the child to be admitted in Pre-Nur should be between 3 – 4 & for Nur 4 – 5 as on September 30th of the year of admission.
  • Registration does not guarantee admission. It only entitles the child for admission test/interview. In addition to the registration fee, 2 passport size photographs, date of birth certificate and the school leaving certificate (in case of students coming from other schools) are required.
News & Events

* Revision Schedule is going to start from 9th August 2018.

*Art n Craft Exhibition held on 28th July 2018.

Students Birthday
1 Sep. Shorya, IV E

1 Sep. Priyanshu, V B

1 Sep. Jaspreet, IV D

1 Sep. Tripti, X B

1 Sep. Tanish, V A

2 Sep. Simran, XII B

2 Sep. Navjot, XII C

2 Sep. Tanish, X A

2 Sep. Kanchan, XI A

2 Sep. Chesta, IX A

2 Sep. Namanjot, PreNur Poppy A

2 Sep. Jasmeet , II A

2 Sep. Namish , II A

2 Sep. Harman, III B

2 Sep. Yash, Nur Rose

2 Sep. Isha, VI B

2 Sep. Navneet, IV B

2 Sep. Nandini, XII A

2 Sep. Manmohan , XII A

School Toppers

XII Toppers 2018

XII Toppers 2018

X Toppers 2018